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Blood Under My Belt
We Got The Power
Inner Lover
Genie Ft.Mayer Hawthorne
Black Francis
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Mummy`s Boy

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The Perfect Kiss
The Wholls
The Orwells
(Montral, Canada)
Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever
(Melbourne, Australia)
Shit Girlfriend
(London, LA, UK/US)
All We Are
(Liverpool. UK)
She Devils
(Montral, Canada)
Perfume Genius
(Seattle, USA)



Über EV :

Rinse & Dry Affie Yusuf
I´m Free Affie Yusuf
All Souls Affie Yusuf
Scala (Audio) Agoria
Europa (2006) Agoria
Love Again Ft.Judith Alex B.
Sound Of Summer Ft.Judith Alex B.
What Could Be Better Ft.Judith Alex B.
No Roots Alice Merton
I Walk The Line Alien Sex Fiend
Arcadia April Towers
Hide`N`Seek Armand Childs
Reflections (Audio) AutoReserve
I Prefer You Bad Ideas
One Seven Two Bad Ideas
Storm At The Shaw Bad Ideas
Compromise Bad Ideas
Last Day On Earth Beborn Beton
Blinded By The Sun Ft.O.Marmann Bjoern Nafe
Drunken Monsters Bjoern Nafe
Electrocop Blind Passengers
Digital Criminal Blind Passengers
On The Moon Bloum
Something In My Mind Ft.QCAM Bloum
La Folie Bloum
Las Vegas Bloum
Flower Dress Bloum
Deep Appeal Bloum
Up (Lofi Sound) Butric
Balam Butric
Juice Chance The Rapper
Everybodys Something Chance The Rapper
Hey Ma Chance The Rapper
For Gods Sake Cheers Darlin
Told You I`d Be With The Guys Cherry Glazerr
Nuclear Bomb Cherry Glazerr
Whites Not My Color This Evening Cherry Glazerr
Nurse Ratched Cherry Glazerr
Superpower Cinnamon Loves Candy
Twork It (Audio) Clubcrushers
Im Good Remix Ft.YG Clubcrushers
Honey Coin
Du Kannst Alles Haben Cossu
Diving Dangerous Person?
Wild West Dangerous Person?
Sunhole (Audio) David Mayer
Machinedrum Calypso David Mayer
I Heard I Had LIVE Dear Rouge
Kids Wanna Know Dear Rouge
Diamonds Dear Rouge
Thinking About You Dear Rouge
How We Do Ft.Tommy Gunz DJ Bob
I´m The Man Ft.Cameraman, Idrise (Audio) DJ Chilly E
Real Rap Ft.Jeru The Damaja DJ Derezon
Love Mi Di Same Ft.Daville DJ Hard2Def
Real One Ft.YB Williams DJ Julez Flavour
Hell Yeah Ft.Jonn Hart, Milla (Audio) DJ Rapture
S.I.R. (Shake It Right) Ft.Lil Kee DJ Rapture
Shake Dat Ft.YG, Milla, 2Eleven (Audio) DJ Rapture
Bend Ova Ft.Boobie DJ Rapture
Morning Light Ft.Baby Brown DJ Rasimcan
Drop Your Ass Down Ft.Young Dee, Baby Brown DJ Rasimcan
Ready 2 Party Ft.Baby Brown, Leftside DJ Rasimcan
Ball Out Ft.Cecile (Audio) DJ Ray G
The Trumpet DJ T.M.
2 Turntables And A Mic Edo G
Hold U Edo G
Stop It Edo G
Unsichtbare Schweine Egolog
Futterkrippe Egolog
Sie Egolog
Burning Feet Fairchild
Dancer Fairchild
Figure It Out Fairchild
Motherfucker (Audio) Faith No More
Stripsearch Faith No More
Epic Faith No More
Midlife Crisis Faith No More
Linz Bei Nacht Flut
Tiefschlaf Flut
Words Come Easily Flyte
Over And Out Flyte
Lemmy, I´m A Feminist Half Girl
Con La Senorita Harlem Gang
Halt Mich Head-less
Speed Racer Her`s
Beehive Hundreds
Circus Hundreds
Wait For My Raccoon Hundreds
North Coast Huskies
Beach Huskies
Surrender Huskies
Its Tearing Me Apart In Good Faith
As Time Goes By In Good Faith
Aquarium Isolation Berlin
Alles Grau Isolation Berlin
Der Bus Der Stillen Hoffnung Isolation Berlin
Annabelle Isolation Berlin
Arabian Girl (Audio) Jimmy Gee
Rock N Roll Will Never Die Jimmy Gee
Sadae Man Kabul Dreams
Good Morning Freedom Kabul Dreams
Chill Morghak Kabul Dreams
Wifi Love Kai Van Bjonik
Boom Boom Wow Ft.Cooper Williams KARA OK!
Inner Cinema Kytes
On The Run Kytes
System Lary
Dein Leben Ruft Lauter Leben
Es Ist Soweit Lauter Leben
We Can Go Everywhere Local Suicide
Hypnotized Ft.Ola Egbowon Lorenzo Al Dino
We Wont Go Lunar Lander Dance Commander
Muwekma Ft.F.Wiedemann (Audio) Marcus Worgull
Lenoix Ft.P.Padreike (Audio) Marcus Worgull
Angered Eyes Memoriez
Todorova Milchmaa
Geld Pflücka Milchmaa
Aba Milchmaa
Down By The River (Audio) Milky Chance
Stolen Dance Milky Chance
Running Milky Chance
Flashed Junked Mind (Audio) Milky Chance
Freeze Moko
Summon The Strength Moko
Hand On Heart Moko
Ugly Girl Molly Nilsson
Truth Molly Nilsson
A Song They Won`t Be Playing On The Radio Molly Nilsson
Hotel Home Molly Nilsson
8000 Days Molly Nilsson
Hey Moon Molly Nilsson
(Won`t Somebody) Take Me Out Tonight Molly Nilsson
Time Circle Moomin
Astronaut Nerd School
Astronaut (Bashtone Remix) Nerd School
I Love You Nerd School
Flames Burn Nerd School
Mysteryland Nik Page
Voices From Outer Space Nik Page
Neverland Nik Page
Die Liebe Ist Ein Raubtier Ft.Songs Of Lemuria Nik Page
The Lies I Need Nothington
Burn After Reading Nothington
Alkaline Papertwin
Arco Papertwin
Same Old Blues Phantogram
You Dont Get Me High Anymore Phantogram
When I`m Small Phantogram
Mouthful Of Diamonds Phantogram
Black Out Days Phantogram
Dont Move Phantogram
Too Many Faces Popshop
The Music Saved Her Life Popshop
Basic Life Support Popshop
Shape And Shadow Popshop
Stupid Things Popshop
God´s Whisper Raury
Cigarette Song Raury
Youth And Enjoyment Razz
Black Feathers Razz
Turning Shadows Razz
Look At Her Go Rico Rossi
Good Old Feel Ft.Masta Ace Robosonic
Helldiver (Red Rising EP) Rodhad
Night Moves Roosevelt
Get It Say Yes Dog
A Friend Say Yes Dog
Stronger Say Yes Dog
Stay Seasurfer
We Run Seasurfer
Sometimes A Man Shamir
If It Wasn´t True Shamir
The World Laughs She Devils
Where There`s No One She Devils
Come She Devils
Mummy`s Boy Shit Girlfriend
Bowsie Shortstraw
Keep It In The Family Shortstraw
Ignorance Is Bliss Shortstraw
Bikini Weather Shortstraw
Good Morning, Sunshine Shortstraw
Touch Shura
Deadly Sin Shy Nature
Washout Shy Nature
Lie Back Shy Nature
Sinking Ship Shy Nature
Phantom Bunch Sondre Lerche
Bad Law Sondre Lerche
If Only Sondre Lerche
Domino Sondre Lerche
Franelizer Stevans
Glamorous Nights Stevans
The Backyard Stevans
I`ll Always Fear Goodbyes Stevans
Sieben Subway To Sally
Subway To Sally - Bundesvision Song Contest Subway To Sally
Auf Kiel Subway To Sally
Schwarze Seide Subway To Sally
World We Own Sundays
Twerk Opera (Another Hangover Song)Ft. DJ OGB, Gemeni Superfreakz
Yolo Superfreakz
Schwarz Rot Braun Swiss & Die Andern
Vermisse Dich Swiss & Die Andern
Klatsche Swiss & Die Andern
Schampus Oder Bier Swiss & Die Andern
Follow Telegram
Gotham (Audio) Ten Walls
Walking With Elephants (Audio) Ten Walls
Disconnect The Perfect Kiss
Time For Truth The Riots
Truncheons, Shields And Size 10 Boots The Riots
Tomorrow (Live In Moscau) The Riots
Lost Boys Them Guns
Devils Eye Them Guns
Its Just A Tease Thundermother
Shoot To Kill Thundermother
Petals TOPS
Anything TOPS
Change Of Heart TOPS
Outside TOPS
Senorita Ft.Nengo Flow, E.Machado Two Tone
Würsch Sie Uslender Production
Stausong Uslender Production
Gitti Ft.Eva Billisich Voodoo Jürgens
Heite Grob Ma Tote Aus Voodoo Jürgens
Tulln Voodoo Jürgens
Wasserfarben Wiener Wolke
Wont Be Tamed Wolfman
All Is Random Wolfman
Diver Xanthippe
You Belong To Me Xanthippe
Devil Youloosie
Making Things Apart Zirrus

Affie Yusuf
Alex B.
Alice Merton
Alien Sex Fiend
April Towers
Armand Childs
Bad Ideas
Beborn Beton
Bjoern Nafe
Blind Passengers
Chance The Rapper
Cheers Darlin
Cherry Glazerr
Cinnamon Loves Candy
Dangerous Person?
David Mayer
Dear Rouge
DJ Bob
DJ Chilly E
DJ Derezon
DJ Hard2Def
DJ Julez Flavour
DJ Rapture
DJ Rasimcan
DJ Ray G
Edo G
Faith No More
Half Girl
Harlem Gang
In Good Faith
Isolation Berlin
Jimmy Gee
Kabul Dreams
Kai Van Bjonik
Lauter Leben
Local Suicide
Lorenzo Al Dino
Lunar Lander Dance Commander
Marcus Worgull
Milky Chance
Molly Nilsson
Nerd School
Nik Page
Rico Rossi
Say Yes Dog
She Devils
Shit Girlfriend
Shy Nature
Sondre Lerche
Subway To Sally
Swiss & Die Andern
Ten Walls
The Perfect Kiss
The Riots
Them Guns
Two Tone
Uslender Production
Voodoo Jürgens
Wiener Wolke

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