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Blood Under My Belt
We Got The Power
Inner Lover
Genie Ft.Mayer Hawthorne
Black Francis
Julie`s Place
Mummy`s Boy

New Artists
The Perfect Kiss
The Wholls
The Orwells
(Montral, Canada)
Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever
(Melbourne, Australia)
Shit Girlfriend
(London, LA, UK/US)
All We Are
(Liverpool. UK)
She Devils
(Montral, Canada)
Perfume Genius
(Seattle, USA)


Cargo Records
Cargo Records

Über Cargo Records:

Toast To Freedom Ft.Donots, Billy Talent, Beatsteaks Anti Flag
The Economy Is Suffering Anti Flag
This Is The New Sound Anti Flag
Death Reflects Us Beastmilk
The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls Beastmilk
One Match Boysetsfire
Never Said Boysetsfire
Closure Boysetsfire
Bled Dry Boysetsfire
Pyro Captain Planet
We Are One Fire Cocorosie
Lemonade Cocorosie
Gallows Cocorosie
Tallulah Cowbell
Hanging By A Thread Cowbell
Never Satisfied Cowbell
Laramie Cymbals Eat Guitars
Keep Me Waiting Cymbals Eat Guitars
Definite Darkness Cymbals Eat Guitars
I Want What Shes Got D.A.D
Monster Philosophy D.A.D
Whatever Turns You On LIVE Daniel Norgren
Though It Aches LIVE Daniel Norgren
Mean Old Devil Got On LIVE Daniel Norgren
Got Taste December Peals
Control Desperate Journalist
Happening Desperate Journalist
Cristina Desperate Journalist
Organ Desperate Journalist
Resolution Desperate Journalist
Eine Minute Schweben Die Nerven
Sommerzeit Traurigkeit Die Nerven
Irgendwann Gehts Zurück Die Nerven
Der letzte Tanzende Die Nerven
Barfuss Durch Die Scherben Die Nerven
Make A Star Dope Stars Inc
Take It (Audio) Dope Stars Inc
Many Thanks Dope Stars Inc
It´s Today Dope Stars Inc
Daisy Fang Island
Life Coach Fang Island
When People Like You Filled The Heavens French Films
You Dont Now French Films
In My Sofa Im Save (Teaser) Friska Viljor
Useless (Acoustic) Friska Viljor
Shiver Giant Sand
Remote Giant Sand
Hit And Run Giant Sand
La Danse Heidi Happy
On The Hills Heidi Happy
Du Da, Ich Da Heidi Happy
Down At The Port Heidi Happy
My Love Wont Wait For You Heidi Happy
ABC City Holograms
Chances Are For Poets Idle Class
Hillview Idle Class
Marienbad Julia Holter
In The Same Room Julia Holter
Goddess Eyes I Julia Holter
Moni Mon Amie Julia Holter
Oh So You`re Off I See Kane Strang
Egocentrix Kejnu
Candelabra Kejnu
Speak To Me Bones Land Of Talk
It´s Okay Land Of Talk
Inner Lover Land Of Talk
Dirty Water Little Caesar
American Dream Little Caesar
Supersonic Little Caesar
For God´s Sake Marina Zettl
Is It Fine Marina Zettl
Die Kapieren Nicht Messer
Was Man Sich Selbst Verspricht Messer
Mutmassungen Ueber Hendrik Messer
Gegen Ende Messer
Easy Way Out Money For Rope
Ten Times Money For Rope
Nova Pilota Money For Rope
My House Or Yours Money For Rope
Misery Lane Money For Rope
Tanks Of Dust Paper Arms
Wheres The Party LIVE 2011 Popchaot
Ravesurfer Popchaot
Thieves Scarlett O Hanna
Limbo Sin Cos Tan
Trust Sin Cos Tan
In Binary Sin Cos Tan
Alienation Slut
Next Big Thing Slut
Good Enough Smile And Burn
Expectations Smile And Burn
Leaving Harbours Smile And Burn
Apologies And Alibis Smile And Burn
High School Teen Snoffeltoffs
Park Boys Snoffeltoffs
Pretty Girl Snoffeltoffs
Radio Kids Strand Of Oaks
Rest Of It Strand Of Oaks
Same Emotions Strand Of Oaks
Goshem 97 Strand Of Oaks
Shut In Strand Of Oaks
Frozen Surfer Blood
Demon Dance Surfer Blood
I Cant Expalin Surfer Blood
Maybe In The Dark The Crookes
Backstreet Lovers The Crookes
Afterglow The Crookes
Godless Girl The Crookes
Bloodshot Days The Crookes
Chorus Of Fools The Crookes
I Remember Moonlight The Crookes
American Girls The Crookes
Flameboy The Dogs d´Amour
Agenda Suicide The Faint
Paranoiattack Live The Faint
Posed To Death Projection The Faint
Dropkick the Punks Projection The Faint
Desperate Guys Projection The Faint
The Geeks Were Right The Faint
Evil Voices The Faint
Eyes The Kabeedies
The Ballad Of Pyrrhic Victory The Kabeedies
Santiago The Kabeedies
Rainy Days And Saturdays The Opiates
Simple And Sure The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Heart In Your Heartbreak The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
The Body The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Say No To Love The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Higher Than The Stars The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Contender The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Cant Get Enough The Sweet Serenades
Die Young The Sweet Serenades
Mona Lee The Sweet Serenades
A Pillar Of Salt The Thermals
No Culture Icons The Thermals
Returning To The Fold The Thermals
I`Dont Believe You The Thermals
Ghost Mountain, You And Me Thought Forms
Only Hollow Thought Forms

Anti Flag
Captain Planet
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Daniel Norgren
December Peals
Desperate Journalist
Die Nerven
Dope Stars Inc
Fang Island
French Films
Friska Viljor
Giant Sand
Heidi Happy
Idle Class
Julia Holter
Kane Strang
Land Of Talk
Little Caesar
Marina Zettl
Money For Rope
Paper Arms
Scarlett O Hanna
Sin Cos Tan
Smile And Burn
Strand Of Oaks
Surfer Blood
The Crookes
The Dogs d´Amour
The Faint
The Kabeedies
The Opiates
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
The Sweet Serenades
The Thermals
Thought Forms

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